2004 Racing with new Van Diemen Formula SCCA race car

Grove helps me pick up car from Yellow Freight terminal on April 5 and unpack skid

Loyal crew, Dave, Cindy, Donna and Dave's daughter, Alex on the first evening.  The beginning of a ten day marathon to build car and make it to the April 15 track test day.

Saturday Night at midnight the engine gets fired! Paul helps.

Don Pierce helps with Test Day April 15.  Great right out of the box- but my hand wants to do a downshift at turn 5 when I should upshift- gotta learn the sequential shift!

First race day.  April 18 SCCA Regional at NHIS

First time through the Turn 3 Crunch I zip up the inside and get my nose chopped off.  Bent A arm and was sidelined.  Came in on a hook.

But Crew celebrates anyway.
Better luck with COM Sports Car Club at Summit Point WV

Overall Fastest Time of day trophy

Let's try an SCCA National Race at NHIS: April 30 first qualifying was good.  Second Qual: that right hand downshift instead of upshift..  Hose popped off, cracked block.  DNS again.

Two second place finishes at Pocono

Fastest Time of Day at COM SCC 6-1-04 NHIS time trials

Summit Point

Lime Rock National 6-4-04

Watkins Glen Regional 7/24/04


BeaveRun hairpin 8/14/04

New way to take Turn 1 at the start at BeaveRun

The start at Road Atlanta, American Road Race of Champions- all FSCCA

New way to take Turn 1 at the start at BeaveRun

Pit crew

Turn 5 at ARRC 11/6/2004

 SCCA Pig Roast 9-11-04 NHIS turn 4

COMSCC at Lime Rock ends season into Armco at uphill  on November 19