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Updated 2/13

Sophia- the next generation

CA Racing in Formula "E" Van Diemen winged formula car: SCCA North Atlantic Road Racing Champion in Formula E
2004 through 2008, 2011.  NERRC Champ 2012

                       For Sale $29,000

SCCA Formula Enterprises Van Diemen SN 82 built April 2004
2013 FE North Atlantic and New England Road Racing Champion car

All current required updates are included

� New engine (Mazda 2.3L Duratec) and dry sump system 2007
� All new transmission with Comprent terrific-working larger shift indexer 10/2010
    complete New gearset 10/2012
� 3 sets of wheels with two sets slicks and very good rains
� Crushbox
    Lightened Clutch and Flywheel (dual 5.5 inch JB Racing)
� Penske single adjustable shocks
� Oil cooler
� Alternator
    Cockpit adjustable front sway bar option
� Mandatory updated Muffler with spare packing kit
� Updated optional 4th gear
� In line thermostat
� New Jabrock wood floor 2012
    Schroth FIA belts expire 2017
� Latest EEC flash
    New starter 6/2013
    Enhanced side mirrors
    Fuel filter option
    Hardwired AMB Transponder
    Bead seat
    Steering shaft and u joints option
    Comprent optional Kevlar cockpit intrusion panels
    High temp shift cable option
    AN bolt kit
    Radiator screens option
    Fuel pump and hose upgrades
    Optional ballast weight
� Floating rotor option NOT included

The car comes with the standard Pi data system and steering wheel display with:

    Pi trackside Beacon and battery ($600 cost)
� Oil pressure
� Water temp
� Speed with optional wheel sensor
� Engine rpm
� Lap time
� Battery voltage

In addition a Traqmate data acquisition system with dash mounted display is included ($1,000 cost)
    Track mapping and data acquisition software

Spares kit and other included items:
Two Extra sets of wheels (three total)
Clutch alignment tool
Fuel Filter
one new dog ring
Quik Jack
Spare battery with jumper cable
Assorted new rod ends for car
PFC brake pads- one axle set
Three new A arms
Donkey Dick
Slightly bent front wing. Useable in a pinch. Get it reskinned and keep as ready spare
Five qt Red Line Lite weight Shok Pruf transaxle oil
Quarter turn fastener kit for body- never installed

Used parts still useable in a pinch:
gears, dog rings, Rod ends, A arms, plugs
Misc Hardware

For Sale