2007 race schedule and results

Date Days Location Organizion Type Notes
4/9 2 NHIS COM School/TT Snowed out!
4/13 1 NHIS BMW wmc school Snowed out!
4/22 1 NHIS NER Reg. Ne Na First Place!
4/23 2 Glen COM School/TT FTD
5/5 2 NHIS NER National Second place after crash in qual  
5/26 1 NHIS NER dbl Reg. Won both

5/28 2 Calabogie COM School/TT FTD.  Fastest lap ever on track
6/11 2 Mosport COM School/TT
6/16 2 Beaver StCt National FE Champ race, Second Place
7/4 1 Lime Rock NER Reg. Ne Na Fourth of July First place
7/7 2 NHIS COM School/TT Did not run. Deferred to others

7/14 2 Glen FLR National FE Champ race Fifth
7/27 2 Lime Rock NNJ National FE Champ race Third- bumped off track
7/30 2 Tremblant COM School/TT FTD

8/18 2 Pocono TRI Dbl National FE Champ races   Fourth and Third
8/20 2 NHIS COM School/

8/25   NHIS NER Reg. NeNaNy two days First place
9/28 2 Lime Rock NYR Reg. Na NARRC runoffs- FIrst Place
10/20 2 NHIS COM School/TT
10/26 3 NHIS BMW wmc school
11/17 2 Lime Rock COM School/TT Not bring car?

Total 3 7
First in New England Region Road Racing Championship
First in North Atlantic Road Racing Championship
Second in Formula Car/SCCA Enterprises NEDIV Championship
Third in NEDIV National race championship